It is challenging to find ways to connect with your audience. But thanks to the boost in technology in the past two decades, our options have never been as wide and diverse as before. Using Lakeland drone videography is one of the most radical strategies you can do in your marketing campaigns.

It is only fitting to use video to market a business. After all, when videos are included in an email, it has an increased click-through rate of 200 to 300 percent.

Studies have also found out that 64% of buyers are more likely to purchase an item after they watched a video and real estate listings with videos have 403 percent more inquiries than those who don’t have videos.

It Puts You Ahead of The Game

In the future, not only will drone footage be available for marketing but VR (virtual reality) technology, too. This will happen sooner rather than later as major players such as Facebook and Google are investing heavily in VR tech.

It Provides a More Memorable Web Experience

Do you want to captivate your audience? Putting a Lakeland drone videography right on the homepage of your website will capture their attention. That will bring more views to your website. in turn, there will be more opportunities for you to sell a product or a service.

It Helps Your Business Be a Standout

Many marketers and their clients already have videos on their websites. But what can set you apart is the use of drone footage. Not everyone is investing in drones just yet. You can be one of the first.

You will stand out in the news feeds of your target market because your video offers something different; something they haven’t really seen from a lot of the marketing videos populating their news feeds.

It Tells The Story Better

Drone footages allow a better and deeper way to tell a story or send a message to your market. Even if your message is just the same as others in the market, your approach will be different because a Lakeland drone videography can bring more depth to a story.

It Can Make Behind-The-Scenes Videos More Interesting

Behind-the-scenes is important to improve the connection between your business and its customers. And what better way can that be achieved than through the use of Lakeland drone videography? It adds an interesting layer to the videos. It can capture better angles that show how people work inside the office.