Drone videography is a fairly advanced field, technologically speaking. Flying a camera that you can control and being capable of seeing its view from the safety of the ground is something that people would have found impossible to even think of, fifty years ago.

Yet here we are, with drone technology becoming a very popular niche of technology, and drone videography and photography services readily available among the type of commercial services offered by video production houses today.

However, as advanced as drone technology has advanced, it still has the potential to expand and evolve more. Among the advancements of technology is the usage of our smartphones to pilot our drones.

Drones used to be controlled with a classic remote control, much like the kind you use to pilot a remote control helicopter or car. Nowadays, it is possible to pilot your drone with your very own smartphone. If you’re looking to shoot drone videography with your smartphone, here are some tips to keep in mind.

You need the right kind of phone

Choosing the right kind of phone for your drone flying needs is important in making sure that it actually works.You can’t just choose any old smartphone on the market and expect it to pair seamlessly with your drone. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the different types of connectivity that are available on the market nowadays.

RC signals are a bit outdated, but they still remain the connection with the farthest range. Bluetooth and WiFi are becoming the most popular forms of connectivity when it comes to drones. Do your research and make sure that compatability won’t be an issue.


After you have the device of choice, figure out how it’s to be paired with your drone before you take it out to shoot some drone videography. Some drones have apps that are built specifically to be controlled from a smartphone, and can be easily found on your phone’s App Store.

Always practice at the beginning

Like with anything that has to do with drones, always take it out for a practice run before you go on shooting any drone videography footage. The great thing about using smartphones to maneuver your drone is that it is more comprehensive in allowing you to control your drone.

Your drone’s coordinates, speed, and maximum distance can all be controlled from your smartphone, which is why plenty of drone pilots prefer the freedom that controlling the drone from their smartphones provides them.