There’s nothing that enhances your brand more than hiring a Lakeland Video Production company that can create an attractive and informative video to introduce your company and boost your brand’s image. Most companies rely solely on print materials–Facebook posts and Instagram photos. What they don’t realize is that potential customers are more inclined to check out companies that use videos to market their brands.

So, how does a simple Lakeland Video Production boost one’s brand? The short answer is that a short two-minute video tells more about your brand than a lengthy 500-word article can. Let’s elaborate.

The two-minute power

Notice how you tend to stay with a video that has a catchy introduction? The same goal to catch a customer’s attention isn’t as easy when we try to do it with the written word. Sure, a nice introductory post can make a reader stay for two or three more paragraphs. But with the written word, we cannot say everything we want in just three short paragraphs. Explaining about your brand’s concept becomes hard when you need to fit in less than a hundred words.

A video does not have that predicament. As long as you’re able to show the highlights of your brand in two minutes, you’ll be just fine. In fact, you can do so much in two minutes.

You can give an overview of the brand, as well as include some testimonials of your past clients.

The staying power

It is much more easier to remember a Lakeland Video Production than an article you read in the newspaper. The video has a more reliable staying power, meaning customers retain the information they get from the video rather than something they read.

We are highly visual people, so it is understandable that we can remember what we watched than what we read.

The power of the millennials

Practically everyone these days own a smartphone with a reliable Internet connection. It is so easy for people these days to get access to the Internet and their various social media accounts.

When we’re browsing our social media, rarely do we stop and take in the millions of words we see every day. But we do take the time to play a video, laugh at it and enjoy whatever kind of message it is sending across.

That same behavior would give the power to a video production to enhance your brand and let everyone see what you can do.

So, if you want to boost your brand, the perfect choice is for you to let BrightSky Video Production create a lasting, affordable and informative video that will allow your potential customers to get a glimpse of what your company is offering.