Hiring a professional videographer to document your events is always a good idea, despite the many arguments against hiring a videographer in addition to hiring a photographer. You have to understand, video is a completely different medium compared to photos, and you’ll appreciate having a video of the event, which makes it much more fun to remember, rather than looking at still photos.

We’re not saying that video is better than photos, it just makes it a more full experience to remember the event when you have both videos and photos. However, when doing a price comparison for different videographers, you’re shocked at the prices that they’re charging.

It’s come to a point where you’re considering just having one of your relatives record the event on their camcorder, just to cut down on the cost of hiring a full-time videographer. However, there is so much more to videography than just taking video. Here is a breakdown of everything you’re paying for when you hire a professional videographer.

The actual video recording

Of course, you’re paying the professional videographer for their service of recording footage at the actual event itself. All of the details should be outlined in the contract and all terms must be agreed upon beforehand, but for the most part, the video production professional will be spending the better part of the day documenting the event.

And since there’s going to be something happening every few minutes, there’s a good chance that they’ll be on their feet their entire day. In addition to that, there are extra expenses that you may not be aware of, like travel costs.


One of the biggest chunks of a professional’s income goes into their equipment. While everybody has a phone that they can use to record events, it doesn’t compare to the professional equipment that a good videographer uses.

From video quality to audio, it can handle large-scale projects like this. Professionals have additional equipment to make their video really stand out, like professional lighting equipment and software. Speaking of software…


While you only see the filming and the final product of a video production, there is a lot of work in between the first step of filming and the final step of giving the final product to the client.

Post-production is an essential step when it comes to creating the beautiful video that you will have in your hands. Music is added in, irrelevant parts are cropped out, there’s a lot of work that goes into just one video.