What should a videographer include in his portfolio? That being said, how should he build his portfolio to attract clients to his freelance business? Everything there is to know about a videographer will depend on his portfolio, that album of his works that are built by passion, dedication, and commitment.

Here are some tips you can follow to create a unique portfolio for your freelance work:

Have an online and physical portfolio

While many people think only an online portfolio matters at this point, having a physical one will attract the traditionalists.

Believe it or not, but many potential clients still have an old-school thinking, which means they value the presence of samples of work that they can feel and touch. Online photos can be manipulated. Physical ones cannot. Nothing tells the story better than the physical copies of the images and videos.

Select your strongest pieces

You may have a thousand samples of your work but only a few worth putting in your portfolio. Show only the strongest pieces you have.

Showcase the most unique and interesting piece of work you’ve got. Your clients don’t need to know that once upon a time, you cannot even shoot in low light that well. This is an interesting tidbit that potential customers should not even hear. Handpick the videos that will be included in the portfolio.

The next time a customer enters your office to inquire about your services, you will have something to show him. Better yet, make sure that your portfolio is in a never-ending loop in your office. Sure, your workers will be bored out of their wits but what matters is your audience.

Go for variety

You need to attack different niches. Though you can be an expert on a particular industry, it’s better to attract the interest of other industries, too. This will keep your market wide and far-reaching.

Expanding your network is the best thing for your business but you can only do so when many industries will be impressed by your work. Make sure to incorporate in your portfolio the different works you have done.

Stay current

Trends become trends because they are meant to change the landscape. Though they are not permanent, you could easily profit for them while they are what your clients want. Build your portfolio with a mix of the classic and the modern. You can attract more clients this way.