Flying a drone for drone videography for the first time can be exciting, tricky, and scary at the same time. Drones are expensive machines especially if you buy the larger ones with built-in cameras or with capabilities that allow you to attach your own camera.

Watching your drone fall from the sky is not exactly the picture you have in mind when you bought it. So before investing your money in a drone, you need to know what features you need depending on the skills you have acquired.

Here are some of the nicer features that will make flying your drone not only cool and exciting but safe, too:

Integrated GPS

Though you can attach a GPS device on your drone so that you can track its whereabouts just in case it flew too far away from you, some high-end drone models have integrated GPS in their systems. This system lets the machine know where they are in the world.

It helps your drone find its way back home or navigate streets and roads. It also improves its general stability and navigational skills. With an integrated GPS, you will never have to worry about losing your drone or flying it too far from you.

Follow-me mode

This is a cool feature that’s perfect for people with an active lifestyle. If you are hiking on a mountain or kite surfing, you surely don’t want to worry about controlling your drone. The follow-me mode will let your drone track you across the ground or ocean and follow you.

It will continue taking photos or videos of you, depending on the setting you put it in. You can then concentrate on whatever it is that you’re doing on the ground or the ocean. There are some drones who can do this feature better than the others so you should definitely read all the reviews to pick up the right one.


If you have the money to spare, you may want a drone with an integrated gimbal. This support keeps the camera steady even during high winds and elevated altitudes. It keeps the photo and videos looking great.

Smaller toy drones don’t have these features, mainly because they are used indoors or at lower altitudes. If you want to ensure that your photos won’t come out grainy or blurred, look for an integrated gimbal in your drone.

Obstacle avoidance

One of the main causes of a drone’s fall is a crash with another object up in the air. This will cost a lot of money but it will seriously protect this expensive investment you have. Same with the follow-me mode, some drones are just better at doing this feature. Make sure to check with your supplier.