Internal conflicts in the office work is a big problem for any boss or company owner. You want your workers to get along together and to work seamlessly together. The more they enjoy the company of each other, the less likely they’ll be bored with work. But there will come a time when your workers will find it hard to get past a problem and it’ll be up to you to settle it. The problem is, you don’t actually have the time to settle work differences right now since you’re traveling around the country, meeting with investors and stuff. Do you use a corporate video to handle this issue?

The answer is a big emphatic no, though you can use a video to calm down everything before you find the time to get to the office and face your workers.

A policy and ethics video

Here’s what you need to avoid conflicts like those from affecting the working environment in your business. From the time the workers get hired, emphatically tell them in person and through videos that you will not tolerate any drama in your office.

Tell them that they are there to work and the friendships will just be a bonus. If the relationships between workmates did not work, then they should revert back to being professional and working platonically and without the added stress of friendship.

It will help if you have a video that can drive this message again and again. Make them watch the video that includes company and ethical policies on things that might affect the workflow in the office.

As long as they understand that your office is not a place to “hang out” with friends or even to focus on making friends out of co-workers, settling future differences will be easier for you.

A company profile video

Sometimes, making your workers watch how far the company has gone from its conception will make them realize the magnitude of the problems they create. This is especially true if you’re a small company with few workers. Every tiny issue could affect the workflow and the work relationships of your employees.

When there is a problem between employees, let them watch your company profile video again and tell them that the success of the business lies in its workers and you certainly shoulder every little responsibility. They should learn to respect the workspace and the sacrifices made for that company.