How do you promote your company? These days, nothing will prosper without a Lakeland video production about the company, its people, its products, and its services. Because we now live in a highly digitalized world, there is no way that a business would survive and thrive without it having to produce videos that would show how it can make life easier for the general public.

As such, there are many, many forms of videos that you can produce in order to introduce your products and services. These videos share one goal—to promote the business and its products and services.


This is a familiar method for businesses to introduce itself to the public. A commercial aired during a primetime on television would allow the company to reach a wide audience. Though commercials are generally more expensive than other form of videos, especially those made only for social media, they are highly effective and they bring loads of customers to your business. The aim of a commercial is not only to introduce a product or a service, but also to make a sale and to persuade potential customers to buy, subscribe to, support, and campaign for a product, a service, an idea, or an advocacy.


Have you ever felt so bored at night that while browsing your TV channels, you accidentally stayed on an infomercial station? These are commercials that are more informative than it is promotional. The point is to show you why you need the product in your life. It tries to be objective, though the goal remains the same—to sell the products and services to you and allow you to see that these are important to your everyday life.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos show you how a product is to be used and how it will help your everyday duties. For example, the company is selling a vacuum cleaner. An instructional video will show you how that is used, how to set it up, how to store it, and how easy it is to travel with the cleaner.

Testimonial videos

A testimonial video will use previous customers to show potential clients that the products and services worked and that customers actually benefited from them. Some customers are willing to do these for free or if you would like, you can offer a free voucher or coupon that they can use on your products again. Testimonial videos are most effective because people are willing to trust former customers and their testimonials about a company and its products.