Each drone videography expert packages their services and products in different ways. For customers, this can be a tad confusing. They want to know initially how much they need to pay you for your drone video services but they won’t be able to find that information easily because of the many add-ons, standard prices, and customized quotations that you offer.

There’s a way, of course, to make this simpler and to better communicate your pricing logic to your clients. Basically, you have your standard packages and prices (photos, videos, editing, and with or without printing).

Then, you can offer customized quotations, too, which will be based on your standard packages but with add-ons such as aerial photos and videos, a three-minute marketing video (for businesses), or a seven-minute same-day-edit video (for weddings and other special occasions).

While most clients will choose a standard package because it is more practical and more cost-efficient, some will want a customized quotation. Why? Custom pricing makes it easier to serve clients. It creates a package that fits their budgets.

This is the perfect offer for small businesses who don’t want to cut into their business capitals to afford a drone videography service. This will help you figure out what your market can afford and what services they value the most.

Of course, you can also charge by the hour and this works for many professional drone pilots. If it takes you three hours to shoot a 20-minute aerial real estate video or enough footage for a three-minute marketing video, then you can charge $200 per hour for these deliverables.

That’s $600 for just three hours of the shoot with editing for the final product. If the project takes longer and your clients want more time to shoot the subject matter, let it be clear that you expect to be paid for the time you spend beyond the three-hour window.

But you need to take into consideration that some clients will think you’re taking longer than usual so you can earn more. This will create distrust on your name and your reputation might suffer.

From the moment your client agreed to the terms, make sure it is clear to both parties about how long the project will take to shoot and how much you are expected to be paid. Set the hourly price accordingly. You can even give a discount to the client if you feel like it.