As a Lakeland videographer, one of the arsenals you should have to attract the right audience is your portfolio. However, if you are just starting in the business, you may find it hard to add to your portfolio without hiring models and talents to star in your videos.

The truth is that you should not have to spend too much on your portfolio. Since you’re just starting in the business, you should be able to build a portfolio without pouring hundreds of dollars into it.

Reach Out to Your Network

Your social media may unknowingly be a rich resource of talents, frustrated models, and wannabe actors. Tap this rich network of yours. Ask if anyone is willing to “star” in your promotional video for free. Of course, you should shoulder all the expenses incurred during the production such as food, transportation, and props.

But aside from that, you can make an x-deal with a talent. In exchange for his time, you will make sure to publish his contact information on the video just in case anyone wants to hire him after seeing the video.

Ask Friends and Family Members

Who will most likely help you but your friends and family? Is there anyone in your family and group of friends who has a knack for acting and posing in front of the camera? Why don’t you ask for a favor? Many of them are all too willing to help you get on your feet and fulfill your goals to become a Lakeland videographer.

Volunteer to Events

Is there an event happening nearby? If there’s a farmer’s market every weekend in your community, why don’t you try reaching out to the organizers? They will welcome the idea of having a video production of their event. As long, of course, that they don’t have to pay you anything.

Offer Help for Local Businesses

Most local businesses don’t have the budget for big video production. They will most likely not spend money on producing a promotional video for their business.

However, that also means that they are missing out on opportunities. Reach out to these small businesses and offer to make a promotional video for them. You can simply let them shoulder the cost of hiring the talent so you don’t have to shell out money from your own pocket.

In the future, this will pay off because once they have made a name for themselves, they’ll remember you as the Lakeland videographer who helped them when they were still a small local business.