Business owners often make the mistake of producing lengthy Lakeland video production. They believe that these lengthy videos will be better for search engine optimization. The longer the videos are, the more likely your audience will think you’re the best in your field, right? Wrong. If you cannot send your message in 30 seconds or a minute, ask yourself what you are doing wrong. There is surely something you’re missing out. How can you make a more concise video? How can you make your message clearer even if you only have 30 seconds of your audience’s time?

Watch your video again. What were the first 30 seconds like? Were you able to tell something to the audience? If you are the one watching the video, what did you get from those 30 seconds? Were you even interested in the video? Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. If you don’t get something out of the video those first few seconds, there is no way your target audience is getting something out of it, too.

The first rule in making a Lakeland video production is to hook the audience during those first few seconds. You only have about three seconds to make your audience want to stay and watch the rest of the video. It’s similar to how you convince them to stay and watch your homepage as it loads. Generally, web visitors will only wait for three seconds before they decide that waiting for your website to load isn’t worth it.

Short-attention Span

People have a short-attention-span. They didn’t intentionally want to watch your video. They didn’t buy tickets for it, expecting you to produce something Oscar-worthy. But at the same time, they are willing to give you a few seconds to convince them that your video is worth watching. Sure, you can have a lengthier video, but that also means you need to make those first seconds more interesting and engaging.

Hold Interest

Don’t be complacent when you’ve gotten hold of your audience’s interest. That doesn’t mean they won’t lose interest in watching your video. In reality, your audience is always looking for more things and videos that will entertain them on the internet. You have to keep up. That’s why those first seconds matter. They tell the viewers whether your Lakeland video production is worth their time or not. They tell the viewers not to go to another site or stop the video because something interesting is going to happen at the end of the video.