The Lakeland video production industry is a very lucrative one that you can be a part of today. Even with everything that is going on in the world, video content is very much highly sought after by customers and businesses alike.

However, the last thing that you want is to be unprepared when you’re just starting out your career. One of the most important things that you need to ready is the gear that you’re going to be using. Read on to find out what kind of gear you’re going to need to kick off your Lakeland video production career.


Of course, you need a good camera to get started with your video production career. One of the biggest mistakes that new video production professionals make is that they assume that they need the latest gear for their production career if they want to get started.

Following down this path will guarantee that you go bankrupt before you can even get started. You should evaluate your target niche and decide what kind of camera you need for this, and choose a decent mid-range one to get you started. Only think about upgrading when you have enough projects under your belt to do so.


Lighting can do a lot for the mood and tone of any scene, so make sure that you invest enough of your budget into some good-quality lighting for your production project.


You cannot expect to get great angles of your production footage without the right gear, so you have to look into rigging for your video projects as well. Keep in mind that these will help you set up your shots from interesting angles, which can significantly help the visual appeal of your video.


There is no such thing as a great Lakeland video production project without the right audio. Do not think for a second that you can easily rely on the built-in mics on your cameras because these are not going to be enough to capture the kind of quality audio that you need for a professional video. Investing in a professional audio kit will help round out the quality of your video.

Editing gear

Of course, if you want to tie your entire video together, then you need good editing gear. Invest in a good laptop or PC that runs the software that is needed to handle the post-production stage of your video production project, and you should be ready to go.