It is no secret that putting together a Lakeland video production is a lot of work. After all, this is going to be a video that will be used to meet a specific goal or objective, whether it’s personal, or if it’s for the benefit of a client. In this industry, stock footage tends to get a bit of a bad reputation because, for a lot of professionals, it feels a little bit like cheating.

After all, you just have to download the footage and incorporate this into your video. However, as much as some purists swear against stock footage, this can do a lot for your Lakeland video production. Find out how it can do this here.

It cuts down on time crunches

One of the most important ways that stock footage can help your video production is the fact that it can be great in a pinch if you’re worried about meeting a deadline and you still have quite a bit of footage to shoot. The thing about stock footage is that it is great for filling in any gaps in your footage that would be otherwise a pain to film.

For example, if you need an establishing shot of a city view, this can mean having to rent out a drone and expending effort and resources on a scene that has no direct impact on the video’s story. With stock footage, you can download the same shot, incorporate it into the video, and it wouldn’t hurt the final output of your video.

It can save you money

Of course, the point above illustrates perfectly how using stock footage can be a great money saver for your video production.

If you use stock footage on filler scenes like establishing shots, then you can direct the rest of your resources into the more important parts of your video production which are meant to help drive the rest of your story. This allows you to save your budget for these more essential shots.

The quality is on par with any professional

A lot of people are wary at the thought of using stock footage in a Lakeland video production because there is the fear that there will be a loss in quality.

The thing is, stock footage is quickly becoming a simple way for professional videographers to earn money, so a majority of stock footage available online is usually filmed by a professional, which means that you don’t have to worry about a lack of quality in the shots that you use.