There is a reason why Lakeland video production companies rarely give you an estimate or a ballpark figure on how much a project costs. It’s because it’s almost impossible to think about prices when you’re given a project to do. There is so much at stake here, and there are just so many aspects of the production that have to be taken into consideration.

So, even if you check the websites of video production companies, it will be impossible for you to find pricing details or a list of their “menu.” The cost of a project depends on the duration of the video, the kind of video you want, the actors you have the hire, the size of the production crew, etc.

Here are the factors that need to be considered when figuring out what you need to pay for a video production:

Charge is by day, not hour

You cannot charge by the hour because there are lots of things that go into a production of a video. There’s the scriptwriting, the actual video shoot, the editing, etc. These cannot all be taken into account if the company charges the client by the hour. There’s usually a day rate or a night rate. The day rate can go between $800 to $1,200 while half a day can cost $600 to $800. The company has to figure out how many days will go into the pre-production, the production, and the post-production before they can come up with the total cost.

The common question asked by any client is how much a 3-minute or a 5-minute video would cost. The answer is that it depends on how much work needs to be done. Sometimes, a 5-minute video will take only three days to make. There are also times when a 3-minute video can take a week to produce.

Facilities to be rented

Aside from the fact that you need to consider the duration of the production process, you also need to check how much the company has to pay for rented facilities, voice talents, actors, etc. These will all have to be taken into account because the company will include these things into the cost of the whole video. Although there are companies that offer basic facilities that one might need in a Lakeland video production, it is worthwhile to note that any specialized facilities needed would have to be added on top of the existing fees.