When it comes to searching for the perfect house, it’s important for the customer to be shown absolutely everything. While paying a personal visit to the house will always be an option, it does, unfortunately, have its disadvantage. Mainly, if a curious customer happens to live far away and has to travel a lot of distance just to see the house, and it wasn’t worth it for them in the end. So what’s another way of showing real estate property then? Well, what better way than through Lakeland drone videography, of course!

With how technology has upgraded over the years, drones have also been improved and are now being ubiquitously used for filmmaking. As such, you can see a lot of drone videography being applied and included in films, and for a good reason. They make such unique shots that can’t be easily replicated by other cameras, wouldn’t you agree?

So, if you’re a filmmaker who is interested in using Lakeland drone videography for real estate property, then this article is for you. Read more below to find out:

What’s the drone for?

As you know, drones these days are mostly used in filmmaking. One of the many types of videos a drone can be used for is a commercial.

Applying Lakeland drone videography, you will be able to film around a real estate property with such style and still provide important information to the viewer. You see, through the drone, the viewer will be able to look at the property in its entirety, and it can even include the neighborhood. It would all just depend on you.

With the drone, you can also use timelapse as a way to show how the entire property was built. By filming its different stages of construction and stitching them together, the viewer will know exactly what were the materials used to build the property and see its final look in the end. How neat!

When’s the best time to film?

It depends! See, the ideal time to shoot is actually either during sunrise or sunset. And it depends on what kind of look you’re hoping to get for your shot. Are you planning to film clear skies? Get that lovely shot of the fog surrounding the property? If yes, then you better prepare to wake up early and start filming during sunrise.

Are you more interested in capturing the real estate property with warmer colors? Do you think that shot is more dramatic for you? Then filming during sunset would be the better option.