Say you have an upcoming special event. You wish to document the entire day and have someone create a Lakeland video production out of it, so you can cherish the recorded memories for the years to come. The question now is: Who will you have to hire for this? Why, a videographer, of course!

When it comes to documentation these days, hiring a photographer to take pictures of everyone who has attended your event simply isn’t enough. It has also become more commonplace to hire videographers as well, to make sure that every single important moment is recorded and nothing will be missed.

But such demanding responsibilities can also come with demanding prices. You might be shocked to see the different rates of videographers these days, and you will probably start doubting them altogether. You might even want to back out from the idea of hiring one!

While the doubt is understandable, you must also recognize that videography is not a simple task to perform. There are some factors that would help explain the rates for your videographer, as well as your video.

That said, here are some components that can influence the price that you will have to pay. Read more below to find out:

Videography skills

First and foremost, you are paying the Lakeland video production professional for their videography skills. You are paying for their time and skills which will be spent and used respectively in recording and documenting the entire event.

Additionally, depending on what kind of event you’ll be having, you might also have to pay for their travel expenses, as well.

Professional filming equipment

Second, the videographer also comes with their equipment. While smartphones are constantly being upgraded to be equipped with high-definition cameras, there’s still nothing like using professional filming equipment.

Using the appropriate filming equipment also ensures the quality of the video (as well as audio) being documented, and thanks to this there’s a low chance of getting terrible footage.

Editing skills

Lastly, another component you must not forget that could influence the price rate of your videographer is their editing skills. With documentation, videographers don’t just stop working once they’ve captured footage. They are also responsible for editing the footage they’ve just recorded.

Once again, you’re going to be using their time and skills as they would be composing and editing what could be hours’ worth of footage. Adding to that, they would also apply the right type of background music, exclude the unimportant parts, and edit it all in one coherent and beautiful piece.