The first thing to ask yourself when trying to create a video production is who your audience is and how do you reach them? If you can’t answer these two questions, then you’re in deep trouble. You just don’t call a Lakeland video production company and ask them to build a corporate video for you. You have to know your audience and identify the proper methods and social marketing strategies to reach them and persuade them to support your business.

Here are some pointers on defining and identifying your audience:

Identify your audience’s social media presence

In today’s internet age, it is more likely that you’ll be using social media networks to publicize your corporate video. But then again, there is also a good chance your product or service is more appropriately marketed to your so-called offline audience, which is basically those who don’t have much access to the online world or those who don’t like checking their social accounts that much. You have to really specify who your video is for, so you can create a production that will send the message more clearly. If you have two types of audiences, then you might have to create two videos too.

Understand their lifestyle

Who is the ideal customers for your business? Is she a wealthy woman who loves to shop? Is she a frugal, stay-at-home mom who have to make ends meet? Is he a struggling fresh college graduate? Once you managed to point out your audience’s lifestyle, then it will be easier to craft a corporate video for them. You also need to have an insight into his/her social media skills and activities. If he/she is not into social media that much, then maybe that is not the platform for your business, and you need to use the traditional platforms of TV, radio and newspaper instead.

Find out who’s influential in your community

If you have a local company, then you need to find out who’s who in your community. Maybe you can even tap their help in spreading word about your product or service. They can appear in your video, and talk about your business. He/She may be a local celebrity, a beloved politician, or even a local Instagram celebrity. Once you’re able to get their support, there is a big chance your community will follow their lead and rally behind your business as well.