So you want to show off the location of your film. You’re just starting your career as a filmmaker so you’re on a budget. You’ve imagined that for this particular shot that the audience can see the entire place from above. Now, not everyone can hire a helicopter or purchase a crane and film over the location for that nice, majestic establishing shot. So, what do you do? Get some drones out, of course! Lakeland drone videography is a relatively new way of filming, and drones have been proven to be quite the adaptable filming equipment.

When used properly, drones can imitate shots that are usually produced from using expensive filming equipment. They can also provide you with outstanding shots that are completely unique and have never been achieved before on such a budget. As they become more developed and more affordable, more filmmakers invest in them, thus making them popular in both blockbuster films and indie productions.

So, how exactly do you fly a drone? If you want to learn more, check out the list below:

Get certified

If you want to use a drone for filming, it’s a requirement for you to be certified. Also known as getting “Part 107 certified”, this means going to a testing center to take and pass a written test.

This written test has been created by the FAA and it’s conducted by the Flight District Standards Office. You might be asking: Why do I need to pass this test? Well first, it’s the law that you must be certified before doing any professional work.

Second, the exam will help you learn how to protect your drone and keep it and you from harm’s way.

Practice shots

Now that you’ve been certified, you’re now ready to fly your drone! …Aren’t you? This is the part where you can start to learn how to fly your drone for Lakeland drone videography. Of course, that means purchasing your first drone.

When it comes to buying your first drone, getting the most expensive and high-quality one shouldn’t be your first choice. Seeing as you’ll be practicing a lot on flying it around and getting used to it, you’re bound to crash and make mistakes. So get the cheap one, practice, and let it rip!

I believe I can fly (this drone, anyway)

How do you know that you can really fly a drone for Lakeland drone videography? Is it enough to know how to maneuver it only when it’s facing away from you? Unfortunately, no. If you’re learning how to fly a drone, you must prepare to learn every single way possible.

This is because when you’re flying a drone, there is always the risk of crashing into an obstacle. That means you have to react quickly so your drone can avoid crashing.

For this, you can practice by flying the drone towards you, as this will help you develop your spatial awareness and keep your cool when you fly your drone.